Unless otherwise stated, the legal warranty period of 24 months applies to all products. For many articles you also receive individual manufacturer warranties or for all articles additionally with our warranty.



Our 24 Month Warranty

Canada Timepiece guarantees the proper function of all products sold according to the manufacturer's specifications for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase. The prerequisite for claiming the warranty is the careful handling of the product, the intended use of the product in accordance with the manufacturer's operating instructions, as well as compliance with the recommended maintenance intervals. Not covered by the warranty are wear parts such as glasses, bands, seals as well as consequential damage to the movement and case, which may be caused by wear and tear and mechanical destruction of the wear parts (e.g. water ingress in water resistant watches due to worn seals or bent crown waves, because water resistance is never a permanent property of a watch). If a repair or rework is not possible, Canada Timepiece can either exchange into a comparable product of the same brand or quality, or refund the purchase price. In the case of minor deteriorations of product characteristics, such as a poorer accuracy or reduced power reserve of mechanical watches, as they may result from daily use, Canada Timepiece reserves the right, after expert assessment by the watchmaker, the rework either by a price reduction or within the framework of a favorable chargeable service to carry out. 


 Manufacturers Warranty

 In many cases, in addition to the legal protection and the Canada Timepiece warranty, you will also receive a manufacturer-specific warranty promise - in most cases also for a period of 24 months. In this case, you will find the manufacturer's warranty description and information on the guarantor in the written documentation and enclosures to the product. In order to use the manufacturer's warranty, please keep the invoice for the purchase for the warranty period, as we as the sender do not stamp warranty cards. The manufacturers we work with accept the invoice as proof of purchase with the date of purchase and thus as the beginning of the warranty period. Before you send an item to a manufacturer's service centre, please read the information under "In case of warranty".


Submitting a Claim

It is important that you contact us as soon as possible as a deficiency becomes apparent, and not after weeks or even months. Consequential damage could occur. In case of water ingress, place the watch on a heater with the crown open to get the moisture out of the interior. If functions jam or hook, do not use force and leave the correction to a specialist. Never open the watch case yourself from the back or front. If a battery-powered watch stops, first assume that the battery is weak and have it checked and, if necessary, replaced on site by a specialist. If the problem is not the battery, there may be damage to the movement.

  1. Please contact us to discuss the further procedure. It may be better to send the product directly to the manufacturer's service department. In other cases it is more advisable to do this through us.
  2. Always enclose a copy of the invoice with the shipment as proof of purchase and, if available, filled in and stamped warranty cards.
  3. Furthermore a cover letter with your personal data: Name, address, return address, telephone number, email, if applicable email communication, error description, what happened, when, what has been done so far, multiple errors, special requests ...
  4. Pack the product carefully, so that it cannot come to further damage. It is best to use the original packaging, if available.

  5. Send as an insured parcel, not as a small parcel. So you always have a proof of shipment, have insurance cover and can track the shipment online.

After receipt of the shipment by us or other service points, please calculate an average processing time of 2 - 4 weeks, in rare cases up to 8 weeks. Not all service points notify the customer upon receipt of the item, so check the parcel number online to ensure that it has been delivered to the recipient, e.g. via the DHL website.

If, contrary to expectations, problems should arise in the processing of your case, they will contact you, so please always provide telephone number and email address. You will also be contacted if a free processing is refused due to legitimate reasons. In this case you will receive a cost estimate and in most cases a personal telephone call in which the master watchmaker will explain the reasons to you. In this case you decide whether you want to have a paid repair carried out or not.

If you still have not received any feedback after 4 weeks, please contact the person in charge by telephone or preferably by email. Please email us at support@canadatimepiece.com.